Today was my first full day in Paris and I am staying in a great apartment on rue St. Dominique which is very close to the Eiffel Tower. My apartment is on the fourth floor of the building in the background and is well located near grocery stores, patisseries, bus/subway routes and wonderful local restaurants. To me, it's like a small town in a large city.
The first thing I do each morning when I'm in Paris is head off to my favorite cafe for breakfast. I have my usual cafe au lait and a tartine with creamy butter and Bonne Maman confiture and then I just sit for an hour or so slowly getting into the day and watching the world pass by. It's a wonderful time to write in my journal or sketch or pour over my map planning the day's adventure.

No matter where you are in Paris, every street has it's own beautiful flower shop. In the spring, the rose bushes are plentiful as residents buy plants for their roof top and courtyard gardens. How beautiful is the French handwriting on the signs in each flower grouping?
One of my favorite markets is on President Wilson Avenue, just up from where I have my breakfast. The marche on Saturdays is several blocks long and is considered one of the more upscale markets because of it's location in the wealthy 16th arrondissement.

It's Spring and the white asparagus is everywhere. It's hard not to think of white asparagus and French cuisine in the same sentence. I hope to have this specialty tomorrow.
Everyday, somewhere in Paris, there are several marches or markets. The produce, fish and meats are beautifully arranged like a work of art. Lemons are so much more lovely with their leaves still attached, don't you think? What a easy and attractive centerpiece for your table.
I was quite taken with this Parisian shopper with her bright red hair and black straw hat. She was a very stylish woman in her 70's and she just had a certain panache.
Not only can you buy your next week's veggies and meat/fish but you can also have a crepe while you shop. Or you could take home a roasted chicken or fresh paella for your lunch.

Each market is different depending on it's location in the city. On Sundays in the 6th arrondissement, there is an organic market where it has been said that you might see Catherine Deneuve or Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa. The marche in the Bastille area has food and everything else you can imagine. The markets in Paris are pure eye candy and a lovely place to buy beautiful fresh food for your next meal. A tomato here tastes like a tomato.

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