Vintage Roses Painting A La Rachel Ashwell

 I have started writing in my journal again each morning.
That simple act of just writing all the words that come pouring
out of your pen is very freeing and always spurs me on to
making changes in my life.  

It does seem though that my first task writing in my journal
inspires is downsizing.  Letting go.  Letting go of my treasures
from my past.  "They" say that it makes way for new
things to come into my life.
I would like some new adventures in my life.
 This pretty oil painting of pink and red roses in a cobalt blue 
vase has been one of my absolute
favorite paintings. I bought it at an antique store in the 
Northeast US years ago.  I was on
a driving holiday with a good friend and we had just spent 
a fun weekend in The Berkshires.  There are lots of great antique 
shops in the area and I think we stopped at most of them.
 It was in the beginning of my Shabby Chic redo of my country cottage.
I was mad about Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic book with
all the white sofas, and chairs and the pretty art of
painted roses. I bought 5 paintings that day in Massachusetts.
This is the first one I am saying good-bye to.
I am having separation anxiety.
 The signature at the lower right hand corner has the name "M. Wilkie." 
I don't know who the painter was but I imagine she probably 
 sat with a group of her friends painting 
this still life on a hot summer day.
 Size of the painting: 16" X 12"

The roses is oil painted on a board and there is a little damage just at the 
corners of the painting where a frame must have been. 
A frame would cover those slightly damaged areas. 
I never looked for a frame for this painting.
I liked that it seemed as if it was just recently painted.
My roses painting is for sale in my OTHER ETSY Shop.
I called that shop "Affordable Splendor."

You can see this painting here.

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