The Parisianer - Art That Features Paris

There I was reading another great blog called Messy Nessy Chic
and her feature that day was a new book/magazine called
Check out their website here.

Antenna alert.
Was this a new magazine about Paris that I had missed?
The Parisianer is an imaginary magazine
that is really a book.
Are you completely confused yet?
The concept is based on the iconic New Yorker magazine
that features wonderful art that showcases NYC.
More than a 100 artists were invited to submit art that depicted
Paris in a three day exhibition held by the "Cite international
des Arts."  All the art featured Paris in the style of the New Yorker.

The paintings were then put into a book by the design collective
called "Lettre P."
This beautiful book of Paris can be pre-ordered here.
Wouldn't it be fun to mount these artworks on
a wall?  I want this book.
I think my bathroom wall is dying for
a little Parisian touch.

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

This is the oh-so Parisian girl.
Angelique has always been a favorite among my
Etsy customers.  She is painted on linen and
then sewn to a natural linen with French script.
The little pocket on the back of the pillow
holds a Paris quote.
This would be a great gift to go
along with The Parisianer Book.
See Angelique here.

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