Finding Pastels On My Weekly Artist Date

I have found that during this long, long cold winter,
I have to get out of the house or cabin fever sets in quickly.
So, I decided it was time to grab my camera phone and take
some photos of the new Spring merchandise hitting the store shelves.
Just the lovely colors made me feel better.
This little trip was my weekly Artist Date.
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 This stationary department in one of Canada's largest
bookstore was the best place to see all the spring colors on the horizon.

This little owl journal would be a happy place to
write down your thoughts and plans for the upcoming months.
 All the journals were in glorious colors
and the bonus was that they were on sale at a special price.
How many journals do I need?
 Matching pencils, daytimers, in-boxes, rulers, etc.
could be bought in all the colors of the rainbow.
What a fitting way to celebrate LGBT equality,
and the upcoming Spring season.
 On another table were pastel zip cases for your art pencils or
a great way to help organize your purse or drawers.
 Of course, home decor usually follows on the heels of
fashion in terms of color and design.  The turn around seems to
come more quickly these days.
Pretty pastel scarves were hung near the stationary department
to entice the buyers to put on a pretty pink scarf with their
new Spring trench coat.  Oh, I can't wait.

I felt better after spending some time in this lovely store.
I was inspired to go home and paint my "girls" in pretty
pastel colors for Spring.  Artist's Dates are so
inspirational to your creative spirit.  I always feel
better when I've grabbed my camera and taken myself
out of my ordinary and into a possibility.

Priscilla Mae Etsy Shop

I haven't done a lot of painting lately.
Is it the winter blahs?
Here's a more colorful new lady with
my greatest dream of wearing sunglasses again.
Bring on the warm sun.
What do you think?  
You ready for that too?

See Emma, a London Lady

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