DIY Lampshades ... Dress Up Your Lamps

 I love funky lampshades.
They remind me of little dresses for lamps.
I have been collecting fun DIY photos of creative lamp projects.
What a fun way to dress up your home.

The little pieces of scrape material make
this lamp look like a fun quilt.
You could even use ribbons.
 Or use an old shade and collage with
paint and material.  You could incorporate some of your
favorite photos, ticket stubs or art cards from Paris.
This could definitely have your personal mark.
 I have one of these wire lamp frames and I just love it.
I am always trying new projects on it.
It's rusting now which makes it even more fun.
I have hung strings of buttons on the frame and
in my last project, I attached long chandelier crystals
to the metal frame.  The lights just sparkled when I turned it on.
I even like the frames without any decor.  
So lovely.
 This is Anthropologie's take on the lamp shade.
Color blocking with just a little bit of paint.
 What a cool use of an old globe.
 This DIY is easy.
Find your favorite poem and write it on a lampshade.
I had an old linen shade that needed a little fun.
I wrote "Phenomenal Woman" on it.
It's my favorite poem by Maya Angelou.
Look at these pretty little lampshades ......
pastel paper cups over fairy lights.
The creator added some lace and other textural material
to the outside of the cup.
Aren't they wonderful?
Everyone has seen a project of lacy doilies
sewn together to cover an old lampshade.
In the right room, this would be so lovely.

So, although we are expecting MORE snow tomorrow,
think of these days as a wonderful opportunity to create
some fun projects for a sad lamp in your home or
go to a resale store and find a lampshade to decorate.

Happy Monday.

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on Pinterest here.

Photo credits:
colorissue; the makersproject; weheartit; anthropologie;
Mina1801; cutediypins; adventures; 3bp

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