Parisian Girl Hand Painted Mirror

I have been going through all my studio boxes that I
packed when I moved back to Toronto.  It has been 3
years since my move and much to my chagrin, 
there were 5 boxes that I hadn't unpacked as yet. 
 Inside a really fun box were two wooden mirrors
that were not completed, so I grabbed my paints,
turned on some great music and finished my
two Manon mirror paintings.
 The little mirror is fun on my bedside table 
next to my Eiffel Tower lamp.
 I chose my favorite colors that seem oh so Parisian.
There is one for sale now 
in my Etsy Shop here.

Stop by and say "Bonjour"
to sweet Manon.

It just goes to show you
that going through old boxes
might unearth a fun treasure.

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