The Best Christmas Present .. Time and Thought

We are all starting to think about the big day.
Plans for attacking the stores and online shops for 
Black Friday are now in place.
Everyone is making a list and checking it twice..
So, so much to do.

And yet, as I think back over past Christmases,
my favorite memories are those when I was younger
and the holiday seemed so much more simple.
Everyone made or bought one or two gifts for each other
and not the stacks and stacks of "things" that rarely
get looked at again after the holidays.
Christmas and it's commercial promise of abundance can
sometimes feel so empty.

I found the "Open When" idea
on Pinterest several months ago and it 
just touch my heart.
Wouldn't a group of envelopes like this from someone
you love be a most memorable gift that you would
save forever?
Or writing the same thing as a gift for a child or a 
parent or even a best friend...
You have given them a piece of your heart.
I wish we could lower the volume on this special holiday
and turn off the commercial hype.
When I was in Paris during the Christmas holidays,
the decorations were limited and done in good taste.
Fewer people were in the stores buying bags and bags
of gifts.  What the Parisians were buying were all
kinds of goodies for their special family and
friend dinners.  They were celebrating their relationships
with the gift of time.  
Time is the only gift, don't you think?

A present like the "Open When" envelopes calls upon your
time and thoughtfulness for that special person.
Isn't that what Christmas is all about? 

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