"Open When" Letter Ideas

In my last post, I talked about the fun of creating a unique gift
for someone you love.
Some of you asked for ideas of topics that might be covered 
in such a present.  So I put my thinking cap on and
also checked around on the internet to see if
others might have some ideas that they used.

From "Attempts Of A Non-Crafty Girl" blog,
I found these.

Open When .....

1)  You need a laugh..
Include jokes or funny things that have happen to the two of you.

2)  Your partner is on a road trip to someplace...
Include a CD of their favorite music or a comedy tape ...

3)  You feel alone....
Crafty girl included cut out paper arms. 

4)  You feel like giving up on a project ....
A nice letter with motivational quotes.

5)  You have a hard test or a big presentation at work...
Include a good luck charm.

6)  You miss me ...
Include a beautiful letter with lots of pictures of yourself.

7)  It's your birthday ...
Include confetti, candles and coupons for
fun activities like dinners, foot massage, movies, etc.

In the comment section,
leave some of your ideas and we
can help each other create a fun thoughtful gift.

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