Easy DIY Christmas Decorations

 Now is the time to start decorating your home
for the holiday.  I have been collecting 
easy decor ideas
from Pinterest.
Here are a few of my favorites.

I love the glow from the candles
inside these vintage tin cupcake pans.
 From IKEA, comes this unique Christmas
tree strung decoratively on a black board wall
with the flower IKEA fairy lights.
 Or garlands cut out from old book pages
and then strung together for a pretty garland.
 A ribbon and a wooden skewer
can make a lovely tree
for your dining room table.
 How pretty is this?
Hanging your packages along the
stair railing on your steps.
I love how the gifts are wrapped.
 You know all those extra scraps of material
you have saved in your cupboard?
Make cute tree ornaments out of them.

Contributors in order:
domesticali, IKEA, mmanufactory, blog.holamama, 
frokeniknopp, fabrickaz.jugem

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