Another Weekend Of DIY Home Projects

 Another weekend has arrived and the weather
looks pretty dismal for us in Toronto.
Maybe it would be a good time to put
on the creative hat and have a little fun
around the house.
Going through my Home DIY Board in Pinterest
inspired this post.

This kitchen project looks so easy.
Drill a hole in the cap of a glass jar
and screw on a pretty knob.
I buy great knobs at vintage stores
and Anthropologie.
They would make Christmas gifts.
 I am mad about old linens and they are so easy to find.
I love how they have sewn these together to make a pretty curtain.
This looks so easy.
Don't you love all the different textures, patterns and colors
with the sun shining on this wonderful curtain project?
These Koushi lamps are quite wonderful.
To see how they are made, visit here.
Hanging pretty tea cups as a garland....
I never use tea cups but do keep a favorite few 
around because they are so pretty.
I always planned to have a Rachael Ashwell tea party
but never have gotten around to it.
I could do this.
These are colorful wool scarves used as covers
and table cloths.  What a quick punch of color.
I was out visiting lofts last weekend just to see what
living would be like in that kind of space.
The one thing I did notice were lots of examples of
reclaimed elements used as furniture.
These are rough pine boards from a place like
Home Depot that are stained and attached to the wall.
Could it get any easier or cheaper?

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