A Little Bit Of Paris In New York

I love the New York Metropolitan Library.
Situated on the famous 5th Avenue,
it's hard to miss this iconic building and it's famous lions.
We are might remember the Sex And City movie where
Carey was stood up at the altar by Mr. Big.
The wedding was to take place in this beautiful landmark.
Behind the Library is Bryant Park,
a little bit of paradise in the middle of the city.
The activities of many of New York Fashion Week
shows take place in this park.

It was a lovely Fall day when we strolled
through the library and park.
This is the lovely garden terrace restaurant.
What a delightful place to spend a warm
summer day noshing on salads and
a cool glass of wine.
In the Summer and early Fall, the Library sets up a
numerous magazine and newspaper racks so
people lounging in the park have something to read.
There are even children's books.
It was so much fun to sit in the park,
have a coffee and peruse all the newest magazines.
This is an outstanding idea, don't you think?
And there was Gertrude Stein watching over her park
and inspiring us all to read.
And I thought she spend most of her time in Paris?
The Saturday we visited NYC,
there was a special Fall show...
A Taste Of France.
As we approached the park, we heard the lovely Parisian
music and then looked up to see a hot air balloon
of France's colors high among the buildings of New York.
Famous French chefs had gathered and set up tents
so that the people of New York could have that little
taste of France.  What a treat it was.
Along with the food were the
wonderful French wines that you could sip
as you sat in the sun and read the latest Vogue.
In the corner of Bryant Park was a typical Parisian
Carousel playing lovely French music.
The kids loved it and
so did I.
Even the ticket booth had a touch
of Paris with the Printemps painting.
In a bubble, were two Parisian artisans
carving the Eiffel Tower out of BUTTER!
And if you really wanted to take a little piece of
Paris home with you, there were plenty of shop keepers
selling food, linens, lavender products and gifts from France.
Here you find a little French perfume with the 
pretty pink ballet shoes.

What a fun treat that day was for me.
It was New York City and Paris rolled into
one great day.

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