"About Time" ... Pay It Forward

 It was a pretty day outside and I decided to
treat my self to an afternoon at the movies.
Once in a while, it is fun to go to a movie alone.
You pick out your favorite seat, and
cozy into watching mode with something to drink
and a treat to eat.  I usually pick up a magazine
before the show so that I have something fun to glance
through before the movie begins.

I wanted to see a light movie ....
a rom-com so to speak.
"About Time" had just hit the screens and
 was produced by the same people who made
Notting Hill and Love Actually.
Just the right movie.

It was cute and clever movie, and
had a nice little message at the end
about choosing how you decide to view life each day.

I walked home after the movie with a different lilt to my step.
Was it the smile on my face?
Or was I just more open to the world around me?

Within two blocks of the movie,
a lovely young man came up to me and gave me
a beautiful long stem rose.pinterest.com/megm/boards/
"You may want to keep it or pay it forward."

I received lots of attention walking home with a 3 foot long rose.
I received many smiles and even a few comments.
Then I passed a young college student who stopped
in her tracks and exclaimed..
"What a beautiful rose."

I decided then to pay it forward
and give the rose to her.
 She was thrilled.

It's amazing how a simple gesture can
change both your life and someone else's.

Thank you to the move "About Time" or
I might not have been open 
to that fun experience.

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