Loving The Buildings In Soho

 I spent a long weekend in one of my favorite cities ...
New York.
I hadn't been to this exciting city in over 8 years. 
Paris was calling my name too often.
I noticed lots of changes in New York.
One of the positive differences were the renovations 
of the lovely old buildings in Soho.
The exteriors of many of the buildings are being
painted and cleaned up both inside and out.
Notice the different hues as you look down the street.

 The greys, the creams and the blacks
highlighted all the beautiful details on these exquisite buildings.
 Oh, to have an apartment in one of these buildings ....
Do any of you watch Million Dollar Listing New York on Bravo?
It was fun to see Fredrik Eklund's name on one of these
lovely buildings as a Managing Director.

I loved looking up through the fire escapes
that crawled up the buildings' edifices.
They looked like lace on the outside.
 The deep ledges along the windows gave the occupant
the chance to add a personal touch to their space.
 We must have walked over 70 blocks a day.
I didn't look in the shop windows.  So many of the stores in
Soho and Midtown Manhattan are the big box names
that you see in all large cities.  That was a disappointment.
So I looked up and thoroughly enjoyed all the beautiful art deco
buildings sitting next to their more modern brothers.

The overcast skies gave an ethereal feeling
to the newer glass buildings rising above the historic
buildings of this great area.
I love New York.

Crystal ...
A New York City Woman 

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