Forget The Gym .... Hit The Streets

 I joined the gym 2 blocks from my home.
I went 3 times.  And I realized how much I hate spending
even an hour in that environment.  But, I need to exercise
so I decided to hit the streets.

Walking is so much more interesting and if
I take my camera, the time flies by and I come back
with some wonderful memories of my walk.

I live about 15 minutes from the fashion area of
Toronto, so window shopping is now my treadmill.
There are lots of art galleries in the area. I
found this wonderful painting of Audrey 
in one of the windows.
 A little further down the street, I
found this warm yellow jacket with fake fur
collar at Anthropologie.  Their windows were
decked in beautiful fall colors.
 Of course, there were sculptures up and down the
back streets.  I had just listened to a photography lecture
on my podcasts about taking photographs.  Get close,
they said until you feel uncomfortable.  Then take
the picture.  You will get some great results.
So I tried it....
 This sculpture is outside my hair salon 
but I never really stopped to look at
this walking business man.  He is gazing at the
tall buildings in Toronto that overlook a
lovely park in the middle of the city.
I strolled by Chanel and as usual,
their windows were done in black....
rather boring from a photograph standpoint.
 And as I headed home, I looked
back on the street were I "worked out."
The angles of the Royal Ontario Museum
played beautifully against the old church
and office buildings along Bloor Street.
 And two steps away from the Museum is the
winding beautiful path through the University of Toronto
called the Philosopher's Walk.  The Museum and UT
buildings are on one side and the Royal Conservatory 
of Music on the other. 

When my son was little, we would take a lunch
and sit outside the music rooms listening to the
students playing their music.  It was like an oasis
in the middle of the city ... beautiful environment
with gorgeous music.  A little place to unwind.
I love Fall.
And I love being outside
working out.

Think I will can the gym membership.
Think how pretty the same walk will
be in the winter?

Priscilla Mae et al

This warm yellow hand painted pillow
features the woman in the turban.
I painted this lady to honor all the
women who are fighting cancer.
I love her.

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