A Converted Church Renovation

Of course, you might remember that LIVING etc 
is my favorite decor magazine.  Nothing has replaced it
as yet and the November 2013 issue is another great one.

One of my favorite articles is the apartment of an architect and his
wife who is a fashion illustrator.  Both of their styles in this
great home are quite obvious.  The space is a converted
church in Melbourne, Australia.

Megan has hung a large image of Audrey Hepburn in
the living room and feels that every space should have
a portrait piece.  I believe that too.
This is the dining room and on the mannequin
is one of Megan's signature scarf designs.
To buy one of Megan's silk scarves,
visit meganhess.com

Over the sideboard that Craig made
are more portraits of Audrey Hepburn.
This gorgeous apartment has wonderful views of
Port Philip Bay in Melbourne from their roof terrace.

I love this room.  It's Megan's studio and she
has painted the walls a Tiffany Blue color.
It looks smashing with the white leather bench and
the her illustrations mixed with photographs of
style icons makes an attractive art wall.
This is Megan's daughter Gwyn
standing in front of one of Megan's
fashion illustrations.
And this is Gwyn's girly pink bedroom.
The master bedroom gave Megan the chance to
experiment with black and white stripes.
The wallpaper is from Ralph Lauren Home.

The bed was designed by Craig.
This couple must have such fun with 
their home decor skills.
And the tub in the master bedroom.
Megan's influence is evident throughout
their apartment.

Run out to the nearest magazine shop
and grab the new LIVING etc.
There are lots of great articles and
inspiring ideas for a little change in your own home.

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This is a small painting of a
lovely Arabia woman.
I like to place these small paintings
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bohemian decor books.

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