Do You Feel Better Dressed In Black?

 As much as I try to add some color to my wardrobe,
I seem to always go back to black.
I'm not sure why ....
Is it because I feel like I look slimmer?
Do I feel I look more sophisticated?
Do I want to fade into the background?

I don't think so but I must admit,
black does make me comfortable, and
slimmer, more sophisticated and I do
dislike too much color.

I love this Donna Karan dress.
The neckline is so flattering.
 Or this lovely Akris 
black knit dress....

MORE magazine says midlife women have ABD ..
Abundant Black Disorder.
They say it usually occurs around midlife as women
want to combat the feeling of being too fat or feeling too
visible when they wear color.

They say that black cramps style and makes a woman
look older.  Black drains color from our older paler
skin tone.  And the color can be very boring ... like
going into an ice cream shop and ordering a low-fat
vanilla cone.
It was found that men love women
in fitted black dresses.

I love black or a dark blue long sweater
dress in the winter.  Not only is it cozy
by it can look really smashing 
with high boots.
 Nothing is more flattering to an older
woman is a hit of white near the face
in a black sweater.
This look is from Ralph Lauren
but the camellia looks so Chanel.

I love this look for casual dressing.

How about you?  
Do you have lots of black in your wardrobe?
I realized how partial I am to black when I went
through my Pinterest Fashion category and
most of my pins were of black clothing.

Maybe I need a little color in my life....

Priscilla Mae et al
I love painting some of my more
glamorous women with a black
knit, off the shoulder dress.
This is my tribute to Bette Davis.
A similar pillow of mine was in the
September issue of ELLE Italia.

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