The Unsung Heroes Of Paris Fashion

Anyone in the fashion business who is anyone in the fashion business has to be well known in Paris. Paris and fashion go hand in hand. Yes, there is New York and London and Milan but Paris is where it's at fashion wise.

However, there is a group of "women" who spend all their waking hours standing in the hot sun wearing the most uncomfortable shoes and can not move a muscle. Such dedication from this group but these ladies are so overlooked and under appreciated. This post is dedicated to them .... 
the mannequins of Paris.

These are the newest ladies of Prada. Headbands are obviously in. 
Red lips are as well.

These ladies are modeling the fashions of Rodarte in the Colette window. 
 They are faceless but not soulless.

Some women don't get to wear beautiful fashions but must stand all day in piles of euros for a bank ad. Actually, this mannequin is more down to earth as she understands what it takes to buy all the lovely fashions 
in the windows of Parisian stores.
This Parisian lovely is showing beautiful and sexy vintage lingerie. 
 Do you think the girdle is coming back soon? 
 I hope not.......
Rather nondescript model, wouldn't you say? I think it's just a bad hair day. 
 How many of us wouldn't like to throw a white bag 
over our head on one of those kind of days?
These are the leg models wearing D & G's bejeweled jeans. 
How many pairs would you like?
Now, the Chanel mannequin has that "je ne sais quoi" quality, 
n'est-ce pas? 
I'm not sure I would trust the "lady" on the left.
This Dior model has to balance herself on the railing inside her store window. Not only beautiful ... but talented too. Such a gal.
Is that a hat or stylized black hair on the head of this Valentino model?
And there are always the glitzy ones that reflect back to you all 
the delicious colors and the sale signs. These would be fun to 
have in a corner in your bedroom.
This lovely face is another Prada model from last year. She's my 
favorite of all the unsung heros of Paris fashion thus far. I love walking
the streets in Paris in search of these iconic Fashion heroes.
 I know ... it's a tough job but someone's got to do it.

When you are out window shopping, do you notice the mannequins? 

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