Living Room ... Furniture On The Move Again

 As many of you know after reading my blog,
I love change.  I especially love change in my home.
Every six months or so, my furniture wants to see how it
feels from a different vantage point in my home.

This change usually comes in the Spring and then again
in the Fall.  I decided that since Winter is on the way, 
it would be lovely to sit in my front window on my sofa
in the warm afternoon sun.  So, the sofa just took a quick
trip to a different side of the room.
 This was the previous Spring/Summer arrangement.
I live in a long thin Victorian home and the sofa
was arranged along the long wall with two sets of
vintage shutters over the couch.
I liked this arrangement but I decided to move the
shutters to the dining room which has taken on a
more reclaimed decor look
 On the sofa is one of my large Priscilla Mae pillows of
a Parisian woman with her cigarette.
 Sitting on the sofa, I can look into
the dining room.  On the right is a child's small roll top desk
that used to be my Dad's.
 The vintage half table used to be in the garden room
at my Grandmother's home.  It is one of my favorite
pieces of furniture and I love to sit at this table
when I am writing in my journal.
 Another of my little structural pillows
sits on the roll top desk.  This little pillow
was the first shaped pillow I made 6 years ago.
There are some pillows that I just can't sell.
 On my Grandmother's old gold leafed mirror,
I have hung pretty little fairy lights that I love to
turn on in the evenings.  It makes the room so cozy
which is important during the winter months.

Have you changed your home around for
Fall/Winter season?
Do you change the pillows, throws and other
accessories for the cooler season?
Are you a change addict as well?

Priscilla Mae Pillow

Meet Garance. She's one of my new French ladies 
and like so many French women, she loves to partake in a little puff 
here and there. She has always done what she wants and 
is a very strong willed femme. That's what makes her so interesting.

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