WWI And A Family Romance

 Four years ago, my Aunt Betsy sent me this
wonderful antique Calling Card Case. 
 Aunt Betsy was my father's sister and was a woman
bigger than life.  I was really lucky. 
 She was also my Godmother.
 This little case use to be silver but
the tarnish has won the race. 
It left a beautiful patina.
Inside the case, was a note from my aunt
telling me a little bit of history about 
my relative that owned this vintage item.
The card holder was the possession of
Jean Schriver who was my grandfather's
second cousin.  Jean came from my
hometown in Maryland. 
In her note to me, my aunt described 
Jean as quite a character.
"She was an ambulance driver in World War I.
She divorced her Naval officer husband and
fell in love with a German prisoner of war
while she was serving in Europe."

I love women that are characters. 
They live their lives so fearlessly. I
sometimes wish I had a little more of
that fearlessness in my soul.
After all, aren't they the subject of great movies?
 Jean's tryst during WWI would have been 
quite a spicy story back in those days .... 
maybe even now?  

My Aunt Betsy died a couple of years ago.
I never found out anymore about 
this interesting woman. 
I wish I had asked .....
but her calling card holder has 
found a special place in my home. 

As we get closer to Valentines Day,

it's fun to speculate about torrid love affairs.
Who knows what the heart wants?

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