Beat Winter Blues With Fun DIY Projects

 When it's too cold to go outside,
why not tickle your creative bone with
some fun DIY projects.

These little wire ornaments are
made from paper clips.
Add to pretty wrapped packages ...
Or earrings?
 I have seen this previously.
The curtains are drop cloths that
you can buy in all hardware stores. 
They look pretty good for the low price.
I like the way they have been used
with tulle here.  Fun combo.
 Love that patina on metal?
Easy as pie.  
Fill a quart yougurt container half full with
vinegar and add 1 tsp of salt.
Dump in the metal you want to age.
This came from Ideas Blog.
 I could even make this gift bag 
from Hello Sandwich.
This I love.
Wrap punched paper around glass vases
and put a candle inside the vase.
The punching would be a little difficult
but lace doilies would work.

Have fun this weekend.

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