SkillShare - Mapping Your Travels

 Last week I decided to shake up my daily life and learn something new.
I was lying in my bed first thing in the morning with my coffee and iPad
reading all my favorite blogs.  I came across a company that has the
most interesting online classes and decided to check it out.

The company is SkillShare and their website has lots
of really interesting courses that one can sign up for at
very, very reasonable prices.  I took a blog course online
previously and it was a great experience and I learned
lots of new skills.  Online classes are also a great way to
connect with like-minded people from all over the world.

Anne S. Ditmeyer is giving a course on Map Making.  You
don't have to be a cartographer .... you can be as creative
as you wish and what a wonderful way to add a
fun dimension to your travel journal.
Here's a quick blurb how
Anne describes her mapping class.

The lectures will be front loaded to help accommodate busy schedules and allow more time to work on final projects. Pre-recorded lectures will be uploaded to watch on your own time. They’ll be jam packed with ideas, inspiration + resources. Each lecture will include quick exercises to help get  your creative wheels churning and you thinking in new ways. (Don't worry if you're traveling during the course, or get a late start – there is plenty of time to catch up!)

The first lecture will be devoted to the analog, physical maps and basic concepts. Did you know there’s a Hand Drawn Map association? Well, there is. The second lecture will be devoted to the digital + online mapping systems + the ways you can integrate your final projects. Students are encouraged to share their work and comment on that of their classmates to help push each others projects forward. As the class moves forward groups are welcome to form and host their own Google Hangouts to bounce around ideas and ask for feedback. It’s always fun to get to know your classmates (there even could be professional contacts!). The last day of class I'll host live Office Hours to share some of the best work and things we learned along the way including ideas + resources + travel tips.

Anytime after the 2nd lecture you are invited to upload your finished travel/maps. Can’t wait to see what you cook up! 

Have a look at SkillShare and
see if there is a class that tickles your
interest bone.  It's a great way to
get through those last few weeks of
gray winter days and learn
something new.

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