Grey Hearts ... Some DIY

 I love hearts.
I especially love my Grandmother's silver heart locket.
It's her monogram. Such a beautiful patina.
 And it opens ...
Inside is a cute picture of her as a little girl
and on the other side,
a dried little flower.
 You know I love Pinterest 
and one of my boards is called Hearts.
I get to collect pictures of hearts
like this one from Squashbug.
It is a beautiful zinc heart with a dash of red.
So French.
 Or this one from Cathy Cullis.
Wouldn't you love to receive
a handmade heart this year
for Valentines Day?
 How sweet is this linen polka dot heart
from Jehane Boden Spiers?
I love the colors of this photo
and this beautiful primitive
heart with a string of crystal beads.
It comes from Modern Country blog.

Maybe this is the weekend that you try
your hand at making a beautiful
hand made heart.

It's snowing like crazy in 
Toronto.  What a good weekend 
to be creative indoors.  Visit my Pinterest
Page and find more inspirations for hand made hearts.

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