Changing Up My Living Room

 As I wrote in my previous blog post,
I spent last weekend moving furniture and art
around to new places in my home. 

I had these two sets of old shutters that 
I was dying to use somewhere in my home. 
 Right now they are resting on the back 
of the couch until I am sure I want to 
secure them in that position.
 This was the living room before I made
my big change this weekend.  I had hung an 
art wall of women paintings that I had 
collected over the years. 
Some of the small art pieces will now be
inspiring me in my studio.
 The tall gold mirror was my Grandmother's and 
was hung horizontally over a sideboard 
in her home.   I prefer the mirror leaning against 
the wall and seeing it reflect the light 
so beautifully in this space.

The hanging light fixture is from France
and had to be rewired.  It has a rustic
patina that I just love. 
 I placed one of my larger hand painted 
pillows on the couch just to give 
the room a little artful punch.
At some point, curtains have to be hung in 
the front two windows just to soften 
up the space and finish it off.  

Hanging between the two windows is
a piece of art I bought many years ago.
The person-shaped piece has a little
door that opens in the front with a
wooden purse inside.
The red gazing ball was a birthday present 
I received many years ago.  It was supposed 
to be for my garden but I love it much better 
in the house as a piece of art.  
It's my version of the disco ball.

To date, this is my living room.
Who knows when I will get the
itch to start moving the
furniture again.

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