Quiet Weekend? I Don't Think So ....

It was supposed to be a quiet weekend.  
A kicking-back weekend to
catch up on my reading for my book club 
and possibly taking a nice walk in the city.  
BUT, it's too darn cold out and I can
only sit quietly for so long ...

Boredom is worse than death to me.  
I can't sit still so I decided to take down all 
the art off the walls and move some
furniture around to give myself a 
new perspective in some of my rooms.

This is the former eat-in part of my kitchen 
and I wanted to just sit, relax and
enjoy the sun in this part of my home.  

 I moved a small couch there, changed the
art and pulled out one of my saris to see what a 
hit of color would do to the space.  The sari is 
fuchsia with gold running through it.  
I dug out my red, deep orange, and fuchsia 
pillows that went with a beaded 
ethnic pillow I had.
I love sitting in these warm colors.
 This is what the eat-in area of my kitchen
looked like before the move.  There
is no doubt I love this but in the winter
in Canada, the sun is everything.
I wanted to relax in it's warmth and enjoy
the beautiful old church next door.
I moved the table and chairs back
into the original dining room which
is so cozy and much more conducive
to great conversation during 
dinners with friends.  

My plaster fireplace mantle is from the sets
of the Shaw Festival which was a fabulous
buy.  It is probably one of my fav
pieces of furniture.  Of course,
a home is not a home without
fairy lights.  

I will show you some of the changes
in the other rooms once the
sun cooperates with 
the photography.

Are you a room changer?

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