Surprise .... Back To Paris

 I have a very nice man in my life and for a big 
surprise this week, he told me he is taking 
me back to Paris for two weeks in May.
It's my birthday present.  
This is one year I won't mind getting older.
 No matter how many times 
I go, Paris is always a magical place.
Every season shows the city off in a
beautiful way.  We may hit a little rain in
the Spring.  As the Cole Porter song goes ... 
"I love Paris when it's raining ..." 
 This trip, we are renting an apartment and enjoying 
the city like a local.  The apartment that Tony 
rented overlooks the Eiffel Tower.  I will be
able to lie in bed each night and watch the 
Eiffel Tower light show at the top of the hour.  
It's like Christmas.
This is a picture of me taken last October.
I walk around with this silly grin on my face
the entire time I am there.

Thinking of taking a course to learn how to
make baguettes. Yummy.  There is also a tour
where you spend 3 hours in the back rooms 
of Parisian fashion houses.  

This year I hope to get up close and more
personal with the Parisian lifestyle.
I will be taking my computer so you too 
can explore The City of Lights with us.
 Photo credits:  (1) (2)
(3) only in france (4) priscillamae  (5)

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