Bold Black and White Stripes In My Hall

 Last week, I marked another item off my 
dream list. Since I moved in this old Victorian 
home two years ago,
I have wanted to try something bold on the 
common wall that starts at the front door 
and runs up to the second floor.  

I decided that black and white bold 
horizontal stripes might be the way to go.
Because all my floors and walls are
white, I wanted to add a strong statement
on one of the walls.
 Luckily, I have a great renovator who has the skills 
and nerve to try any  number of fun decor ideas.

It started with a fresh coat of white matte paint on
the wall and after it had cured, the arduous
job of measuring the stripes and taping them
off began.  That took a good part of one day.
 Then, the painting began.
 In order to prevent the black paint from
seeping under the tape, Mark and John
cut the paint with a brush near the tape.

We held our breaths as the tape was
ripped off hoping we had a clean line.
We did!
 I was thrilled to see the results....
and the final touch of adding a fun
runner for the steps can now be chosen.
With workmen up and down the stairs,
the last thing I will do in the house
will be to install the stair carpet.
 This is the second floor landing 
looking down the stairs.
I love putting my colorful art
and paintings on this wall.
They just pop!
 This is one of my favorite paintings by a Quebec
artist, Danielle Rochon, that I bought years
and years ago when I was a consultant.
It sits right outside my studio and
I pass by this lovely lady many times a day.
This is another fav piece of art by the front door
that can also be seen from the living room.

I want to find a funky little table to replace
the black chest.  In time, in time....

I am so brave in this city house.
Is it urban living that creates the atmosphere 
to try new ideas
is it my age?  
Do we get braver as we get older?
I don't know ....  but this last two years  in Toronto
have been the most fun I've ever had.

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