Painting Like A Mad Woman


What a week it has been.  Roof leaked badly 
and needs to be replaced starting next week.  

And in the midst of this
horrible cold spell, my furnace broke and that too 
needed to be replaced.  For 24 hours, my cat Jo and
I froze to death inside my home.  Today, they
put in a new furnace and warmth is
back on my home front.  Yea!

To stay out of the way of all the workmen,

I escaped up to my studio to put paint
brush to cloth and create a few new pillows.
So presenting ... a new group of ladies.
 Manon  (Sold)
The good thing about this bad week is that
I had some fun too.
Painting these pillows calms my soul.
I get to fill my studio with more friends. 

My Etsy Shop. 
Have a lovely weekend.

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