Fashionistas At Paris Fashion Week

 "Look at all the traffic at the Place de la Concorde .... 
at 2:00 pm?
What's happening?
Why are there so many people in the Tuileries Gardens?
Why is there a white carpet winding through the park?

 I have always wanted to be in Paris during Fashion Week.  
This past October, I just happened to be walking 
past the park and  saw all the commotion 
and had to see this spectacle 
with my own eyes.  And wouldn't you know it ....  
it was the one day I didn't bring my good camera?!?

So I joined the throngs of fashion photograpers ....
them with all their high end photo equipment
and me with my little pocket camera.  

These well groomed ladies were on the carpet
heading into the Valentino show.
 Some of the ladies walking the carpet
appeared to be models, I think.
 The show didn't last very long, so I hung
around to see the  fashion crowds leave.
Here's a famous Canadian ...
Jeanne Beker of Fashion Television.
She has bought my Priscilla Mae pillows
of Coco Chanel.
 And this is a photo of Anna dello Russo who is
editor-at-large of Vogue Japan and a designer
in her own right.  Last Fall, she was the guest
designer in collaboration with H&M. 

I was only able to get some back shots.

You have to move so quickly.
Don't think I would be a great paparazzi. 
Not sure who this wonderful couple are but the
way the crowd reacted, I am sure they are
"someone" quite special in the Fashion world.
If you know them, let me know.
I believe this stylish woman is a blogger.
Lots of bloggers running in the crowd that day.
And then out came Rachel Zoe with I think her husband.
Rachel is a highly successful stylist for
 the Hollywood elite.  She has now created her
own line that is doing very well in the fashion circle
still has her own reality show.
And what would a fashion show be if The Satorialist 
was not present taking his famous photos 
of street fashion.  Scott Schuman's new book 
arrived on the shelves for Christmas.
And of course, where there is Scott, you just might 
find Garance Dore, his lady.  Garance is also a 
very famous fashion blogger and is a 
major fashion illustration artist.
Visit her blog.  Practice your French reading her
highly stylized blog or English is available as well.

What a day!  What a find!
To be in Paris, the fashion capital of the world,
and me without my proper camera.
C'est la vie!

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