Affordable Splendor Etsy Shop

 One of the activities that has been taking lots 
of my time lately is clearing out some of my 
collections that I have accumulated
over the years.  I was a garage sale junkie, 
a Goodwill ambassador,
 and a church fair doyenne.  It didn't matter 
what it was ......
  if it caught my fancy, I collected it. 

Two years ago when I moved to Toronto, I sold most
of my shabby chic furniture and funky finds.  I even
said goodbye to lots of old hotel silver and wonderful
old linens.  My heart still pines for some of
those treasures.

I do have some great old jewelry left and
I think it's time for someone else to enjoy them.
I opened another Etsy shop which I called

Here are a few of some of my treasures.
Maisie the Vintage Cloth Doll with a real fur collar.

Have a peek at some of these treasures and more.
New items will be put up on a regular basis.

Help me accomplish one of my new year's
resolution by finding good homes for
 some of my treasures.

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