Jazzy Home Decor 2013

 January 2013 issue of Livingetc  is out and I snapped it
up as soon as it hit the shelves.  As I told you before, 
this magazine is a hot commodity among the 
urban dwellers of Toronto Canada.  
for Christmas, I was given a year's subscription
to Livingetc.  I will probably have to wait
for a couple of months before the magazine
finally arrives at my door.
 So, how about this? 
A blackboard powder room.
Wouldn't it be fun to see what guests
might write on the walls 
after a couple glasses of wine?
Or not.
 This is one of the photos from the article 
highlighting a NYC brownstone and their
renovations.  I love the use of the fretwork
in the stair handrail.  It's a lovely detail and
I bet you could use a old gate or ornamental
woodwork as well.  It's nice to give a
bit of attention to an overlooked feature.
 Love the concrete kitchen walls
I especially love the color of the cabinets.
Great way to spice up a kitchen.
 Strange that in a January issue, Livingetc still
showed some Christmas decor ideas.  I think
they did this because the projects could be
adapted for year round appeal.

These are paper lanterns that are hanging in a
foyer.  I would definitely do this.
I live in an old Victorian and it has a 
higher ceiling by the door.  
This is another fun idea.

Check out the runner with two colors.
I am a sucker for Fairy Lights and these designs
are so unique.  I still have my Fairy Lights
from Christmas and I am pondering all kinds
of ways to use them in my home.

The way I figure it ... why not celebrate
life like a holiday year round.
That's one New Year's Resolution.

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