New Book ... Marrakesh By Design

 I just bought the new book "Marrakesh By Design" by
Maryam Montague.  I have had my eye on this
book for some time and decided to give myself
a little treat.

Grab a cup of mint tea and
enjoy some of the photos from
this wonderful and colorful design book.
 Maryam lived in Marrakesh and this book offers
a wonderful tour that allows all your
senses connect with this beautiful city.
 The textures ....
 The patterns and colors...
A how-to planting guide for a Moroccan herb garden
using plants like mint, parsley, coriander, thyme,
basil, verbena and sage.
 a Marrakesh living space ...
 More heart-stopping textures, color ...
 It's the tin lamps for me
hung in groups.
I am not sure if I will ever visit Morocco
but this book opens this world to me
through arm chair travel.

Visit Maryam's blog for more eye candy.

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