It's Only Paint!

Welcome to my new salle de bain.
This is the new color I added to my bathroom 
wall and I am loving it.  I first painted the wall 
a gray/blue but it seemed a little too safe 
and didn't make me smile.

This color called Celebration from Home Hardware
Paints makes me absolutely giddy.
I brought in one of my favorite paintings of
a market scene in the South of France.
It's the colors I love in this artwork,
so I chose a fun color and off
I went to the paint department.
If you haven't visited a wonderful Saturday 
market in Provence, this is the scene.
One of the best markets is in Uzés on a
Saturday morning.  The smell of all the
fresh food, bakery items and lavender
is a heady experience.
And the colors just take your breathe away.
I dug up one of my favorite really old mirrors
and placed it near my deep, deep tub 
so I could turn off the lights and 
bathe by candlelight.

I anguished over the color. 
 Do I keep the house completely white 
or do I enjoy a little room 
of intense color?  
What if I don't like it or tire of it?
And then I remember ....

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