Boho Ho Ho
 I am having a small love affair with Boho chic, 
both in fashion and decor.

Bohemian style was applied to people who lived
the unconventional and artistic lifestyle.  It 
originated with the gypsy culture in Europe
many years ago.

Now fashionable designers are including
boho chic into their fashion collections.
Ruffly floral skirts with wonderful
patterns and colors are a part of the style scene today.
 And it's hard not to pick up a magazine and
see the Boho influence there as well.
Now you might not want to go this far ....
but with a little creativity,
could you find some place for a little
color and pattern in your present decor?
Is it not time to add a little color and pattern
to your home's neutral scheme?
 Love the chair
and the patterns of wallpaper
that resemble a quilt.
I did this in a bathroom years ago
and it still remains one of my
favorite projects for my home.
Some of the decor is a little too dark for my taste
but I would in a New York minute love to
have that chandelier or those yummy curtains,
especially the fuschia curtains in the back room.
I am heading off to Little India in Toronto
to find some wonderful saris to use in my decor.
This is a Pucci design.  
Even the top designers are incorporating 
the Boho style.

So if you can't live with bohemian decor,
how about a boho outfit for
your next big summer party?

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