My New Front Yard

 This is the home I bought just over a year ago.  I couldn't
wait to move in and the last thing on my mind was the
re-landscaping of the front yard.  
When I bought this home, the exterior was painted a
bright white with acid green trim and door.  There
was a huge cedar bush in front of the window so
I couldn't see out but it did give privacy.  The garden
was full of mature perennials which were lovely but
a little out of control.  But it didn't matter.
I was so excited about my move.
 I repainted the white exterior to a taupe grey
with a deeper taupe on the trim and a
glossy black front door.
I cut down the cedar in front of the window
and suddenly, light filled my home.
My landscaper tore out all the old bushes and plants but left the old lilac tree in the center of the yard. 
 And then he build a sturdy lattice fence to give my front yard a little closure and privacy from the church next door.  New soil was put on the front yard to give the new plants a fresh start.

 There was no overhang over my front door and
you became drenched during a rain storm and
the mail was continuously wet.  So, I worked
with a wrought iron artisan and we designed a
glass and wrought iron awning for the entry.
Light can still come in and the beautiful stained glass
 transom over the door is lovely when the sun
hits the front of the house.

 The landscaper put a rock trim around the yard to keep
the soil in and the rock salt out during the winter.
The plants look small right now but they are fast
growing.  I have added hostas, hydrangeas, grasses,
peonies, astilbes, a cedar, yews and boxwoods.

 In two weeks the fence will be stained black
and the front porch will be reconfigured 
with larger steps and a hand rail and then
re-stained to match the fence.  I will
add a sculpture or structure in the center of
the garden as soon as I find something
that appeals to me.  

Thanks to Andrew who did a fabulous job
on the project.  Now all I have to do
is water and fertilize the newbies and hope
they grow quickly and give me a lush
front yard.

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