Colorful Kensington Market

 It was Sunday ... 
my day of walking around Toronto with my camera.
Several blocks south of my home is the
famous Kensington Market.  My son
shares a house in this area with a group of
friends and they love their neighborhood.

Kensington Market is in the midst of the Jewish Garment District 
which is also a part of Toronto's Chinatown.  It's several blocks
from the Financial District,  Toronto's Soho and the fashionable
Mink Mile.  It's like the hub of Toronto.
 Kensington is the oldest outdoor food market in Toronto but
now it is also mecca for those people who are looking for
vintage clothing and furniture.  

And above all else, it's a very colorful area.  The colors
are vibrant, and the smells pungent from all the international
restaurants. Sounds of the Caribbean, Mexican and
International street bands fill the airwaves.  Visitors
walk the area with interesting street food in their hands
as they look through the outside racks of vintage clothing.
 I loved this colorful collection of hipster hats.
 And the colorful vintage phones.  They are like little pieces of art.
 As I peered into a bookstore window, there was a new
book by the Canadian gardening guru, Marjorie Harris,  
who lives in my neighborhood. Visit her blog
for some great gardening tips.
 Graffiti is everywhere and some of the art is
absolutely beautiful.  What is not so beautiful in Toronto
is our present mayor Rob Ford.  This man along with
his councillor brother is trying to send our
wonderful city back to the Dark Ages.  The
people are uniting against this narrow-minded
leader and are taking our city back. 

Toronto is one of the most cosmopolitan and internationally
diverse cities in the world.  Magazines are calling Toronto
the new New York.
Kensington Market reminds me of the Haight Ashbury 
area in San Francisco.  Flower power is alive
in the market.  

If you live in Toronto or plan to visit,
make sure you take a couple of hours
to explore this most colorful neighborhood.

pictures by Meg Mitchell.

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