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 1940s Vintage Fan Design Bag

 Our featured Etsy collector this week is Dejana, the creator and
collector of Nostalgia Rules.  This website along with her Etsy
shop sell authentic vintage knitting and crochet patterns from
the 1020s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.  Now, I don't knit or
crochet but the photographs depicting the fashions of
those by-gone days are delicious.

Dejana was inspired by her grandmother
who loved knitting and needlework and she combined that love 
with her fascination for vintage living and fashion.
 Stunning Knitted Evening Gown & Crocheted Jacket

Dejana sells these authentic vintage pattern that are
rare, unique and as she describes "ridiculously styled."
The 1950s patterns are like a visit to the
Mad Men set ... aren't the styles why we
watch this show every Sunday night?
1950s Vintage Crochet Floral Dress

The downloadable patterns from Dejana's Etsy or
Nostalgia Rules website are sent directly to your
email address in PDF  Ebook format which
eliminates postage costs.  Now, you are already
to get your nimble fingers busy knitting or
crocheting these lovely styles.
It's that easy. 
 1940s Vintage Bow Design Bag

 1950s Vintage Knitted Bolero/Shrug
Vintage Knitted Two Piece Dress with
Diagonal Striped Blouse and Star Beret

Visit Dejana's Etsy Shop to see more wonderful styles
and also visit her new website Nostalgia Rules to view
more fashions,  vintage crafts and tutorials as
well as health and beauty tips from these
wonderful times.  I loved the "how to"
of the Half Twist Pin Curl.  I might 
have to get my bobbie pins out and
give this style a whirl again.

All photos from Nostalgia Rules.

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