The Places You Discover When ....

The weather has been incredible in Toronto and I decided to leave all my
little projects at home and take a walk in the great outdoors.  Instead of heading off
to all the swanky shops of my city, I went the other direction and meandered
around Toronto's Korean Village.  I haven't spent a lot of time exploring
this part of Toronto and at times, I felt I was on holiday in South Korea.
Signs of restaurants, stores and services were all written in Korean
and me without my camera!!!!

I came across Hanji,  a beautiful papery shop with the most intriguing
and lovely cards and journals in it's window.  Then I peered through the window
to get a closer look and in the back of the shop was a wall with racks of
gorgeous wrapping papers.  I had to go in.
Not only did I leave my camera at home but also my wallet.  I had ten dollars
in my pocket to treat myself to a piece of pie and a cup of tea
to reward my soul for exercising.  

I found these cute "vintage-like" French postcards in a basket on a shelf.
So sweet.
These are the kind of cards I love attaching to a present for a good friend  ....
 someone who might collect little things like this.  I have an art wall over my desk
in my studio and these are the kinds of things I love to look at.
Do you remember playing with paper dolls when you were little?
I loved designing clothes for my paper dolls and would spend hours
 drawing, coloring and cutting out my creations.  When I was seven,
I dreamed of being a designer and my business name was going
to be "Sally Southern."   I made a book of my creations called
"Clothing by Sally Southern."  When I was moving to Toronto last year,
I found the book my Mother had saved for me.
So, I didn't have my pie and tea but I do have these little gems.
 And I learned a valuable lesson .... never leave the house without your camera. 

I will definitely be returning to Hanji and taking pictures
of some of their beautiful merchandise.

619 Bloor Street West
Toronto, ON

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