More Priscilla Mae Pillows

Bonjour ISABELLA.  She is another of my Parisian women from the series
Les Femmes de Paris.  I created her when I was sitting in a café along
St. Germain des Pres.  

The quote on the back of the Isabella pillow is a snippet from an
Oscar Hammerstein song ..
"The last time I saw Paris, her heart was warm and gay ...
I heard the laughter in her heart in every street café."
This OLIVIA and she is from the series, The Midlife Madonnas.
This is a series that celebrates women of a certain age and her 
quote is so appropriate.

"Youth is a gift .....
Age is an art."
Here's MANON again but this time is a Marc Jacobs suit with pearls and
a black button pearl earring.  She's oh so French and stylish.

Manon's quote ...
"I love Paris every moment, every moment of the year.
I love Paris, why oh why do I love Paris
Because my love is near."
And finally ... CELESTE.  This art deco styled lady comes
from the series "Women With A Past."  They have the fun
approach to life like Mae West.

Celeste's quote is a famous Mae West saying ...
"Let's get out of these wet clothes
and into a dry martini."

Have a great weekend everyone and please stop by my ETSY shop to 
see these ladies at the Special Price for a limited time.
Thank you.

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