Furry Felines Of Italy

Cats seem to be everywhere in Italy. 
Where do you find a cat?  Anywhere there's sun.  
I caught this little furry friend sleeping in a black bag 
at one of the little inns 
where we stayed in Tuscany.
And look at this little fellow.  He was sunning himself in
a round window in a medieval home in Sienna.  
sitting in the warm sun sounds very appealing right now.
I'm a little sick of winter.
This was another of our favorite felines that lived in a gorgeous little
inn in Tuscany.  I shared my seat in the sun with him.  I was so
attached to this furry friend that I was contemplating how I might
be able to sneak him into my luggage.
Very typical in the hill towns of Tuscany to see cats roaming around their village.
I don't remember seeing many dogs.  Even in Rome, we would see feral cats in
among the ruins.  I guess cats are to Italy what dogs are to France.
There was a little black cat sitting on this bench before I sat down 
to rest my head on the shoulder of this bronze statue in a 
beautiful hilltop park in Florence. 
 I guess two's company, three's a crowd.

So, are you a cat person or a dog person?

Have a happy weekend.

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