Another Bucket List Check Off

I am just about to check off 
another dream from my bucket list.
For over 15 years, 
I have dreamed of having white floors.  

Last week, I finally drove myself down to the 
flooring company and ordered them.  
My heart was skipping beats ... partly excitement of
finally making this decision and partly fear of finally
making this decision.
I have collected pictures from magazines and 
blogs to inspire me and to make sure this is exactly 
what I wanted to do.  Not only would this be
a big change in my home but a pricey one as well.  
But then I remember how quickly my heart 
races when I look at a photo of a 
house with white floors.
The space looks brighter.  The space looks larger 
and in a narrow city home with less light, 
isn't that a good thing?  My new home
has white floors on the second floor and they 
were the deciding factor when I bought this home. 
 It had me at the white floors.  

I have now lived a year in my new home with my second
story white floors and I love them.  Waking up 
every morning to a happy bright room has been 
a wonderful treat.
My first floor has dark, dark wood floors and 
although they are nice,
they are the first thing you see when 
you walk in my home .....  
dark floors with white cat hairs.  
I thought about painting them but that's a huge, 
huge hassle with moving furniture out, sanding, 
painting, sealing, etc and for a 
bit more in price, in a couple of days I will have 
a brand new floor ... 
white, sealed and ready to enjoy.

On Tuesday, the wood will be delivered and 
then will acclimatize to my home's 
environment for three-four days before the men 
come in to lay the flooring.  In less than two days 
after they start, my first floor will match my top floor. 
 I will finally be able to cross a really
big dream off my bucket list.

I will have my long awaited white floors.

Photos:;;;;; H&M Home

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