Lovely St Paul de Vence

 Twenty minutes north of Nice, France is a most lovely medieval hill town ... 
St. Paul de Vence.  

I first visited this unique place about 21 years ago but at that time,
I was pushing a stroller holding my 2 year old son.  The operative word here 
is "hill town" ... a very large hill town with cobblestones.  I didn't notice 
the views back then because I was doubled up trying to get my breathe
 so I could continue pushing the stroller to the top.

Last October, I saw the wonders of this perfect little French town.
 Incredible views from any spot in the town.
 Little restaurants clinging to the side of the mountain allowed us to sit on a terrace 
and enjoy a most lovely view and a delicious meal.  This little cafe was the
 first place we tried in St. Paul de Vence and we just sat here 
and drank in the views and lots of wine.
 The sight I love about traveling through France are the tables that are set up 
under the large plane trees so patrons can enjoy a good meal in the cool shade.  
 Because St. Paul de Vence is an art centre, there are incredible sculptures 
in the most unlikely places but the most perfect setting.
The little streets twist and turn throughout this lovely little town and if you just
 peek around the corner, there's another spectacular view.  
As we walked through the winding hilly lanes, we wondered what it might
 be like to live in this beautiful little place.

When you are visiting new places, 
do you imagine what it might be like to live there?

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