Sightings Around The Vatican

Love this picture.  These are Sisters from outside Rome busily gathering bags of souvenirs to take home.  Not forgetting that Rome, and the Vatican in particular, is the head office of the Catholic Church, I could not believe the number of priests and nuns we saw in Rome.  Close to the Vatican, large facilities have been set up to accommodate all the visiting 
church officials from all over the world.

Our apartment was very close to the Vatican and all the restaurants in that vicinity were "blessed" with many priests enjoying the good Italian evening meals.  However, we 
never saw nuns having dinner out in restaurants at night.  Hmmmmmmmm......
This is the controversial statue of Pope John Paul II that is 
near the Terminal.  Many Italians think the statue is an eyesore and doesn't reflect the spirit of John Paul.  
This is by far the most popular woman in Rome 
and probably, the world. 
If you arrive early in the morning, it's a perfect time to 
see the Vatican without the hordes of tourists waiting in 
long lines to get into the Sistine Chapel.

Photos by M. Mitchell 

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