My First Photography Course

Last night, at my photography 101 course, we talked 
about composition.  I wish I had taken this course 
before I headed off to France and Italy.  I learned 
so much last night and it has changed 
how I will think about each photo I take.  
No more just point and shoot.  I'm going to try to take 
my time and compose the shot.

I came home and went through all my photographs 
from my trip critiquing what I had just learned.  
I then tried using these composition elements 
and cropped some of my pictures to try to satisfy 
some of the important attributes of a good photo.

I took this photo outside the Uffizi Museum in 
Florence, Italy.  I was sitting on a wall watching 
the mimes interact with the tourists and I captured 
this particular woman performer dressed like 
an Italian statue looking at a passing tourist.  
Wonder what she is thinking?

If any of you are in the Toronto area, 

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