Homes In A Tuscan Hill Town

The Tuscan hills are gorgeous and the small medieval 
towns that sit atop these high elevations are as 
breathtaking as the views they overlook.  

One of our favorite Tuscan hill towns was a very unique village named Pienza.  As we met people along our trip, 
this special little town was always mentioned 
as a must-see.  All the hill towns are surrounded 
by a wall but beyond the wall are exceptional 
views of the countryside below.
The doors of most of these homes were natural stained wood as opposed to Provence with their faded painted doors.  Shutters were a different matter ... some were stained matching their doors and some shutters were painted.  

The textures of the old stone walls and cobblestone roads 
set off the beautiful flowers and olive trees 
planted in front of many of the homes.
Many of the homes had a statue or a painting of 
the Madonna over the door.  
Can you see the small window over the door 
with the painted Virgin Mary on this house?
This pretty home was a small inn.  The entire time 
I spent in the Tuscan hills, I kept thinking of the movie 
"Under The Tuscan Sun" starring Diane Lane. 

 Which one of these homes would I have bought and 
started a new life as Diane did in the movie?  
Probably any one of them.  If you haven't seen this
movie, it might be just the perfect diversion
this weekend.
There were always a number of lovely cats walking 
through the streets of these beautiful towns.  I wonder 
if they appreciated the views 
from their home town?

Photos taken by Meg Mitchell

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