The Beautiful Bridges of Paris

I love Paris .... you all know that.  
And one of my favorite sights in the City of Lights 
are all the beautiful bridges that take you 
from the left bank to the right.  
Or on a lovely day like the one below, 
to stand in the middle of one of the bridges 
and just enjoy the River Seine.
There's something about the Seine 
that just brings a smile to my face.
And not matter on which bridge you stand, 
there is always a beautiful sight to behold.
Layers of bridges, all different.  Everyone has a 
favorite bridge or maybe a favorite bridge 
for a certain time of the day.
The beautiful handrail of the bridge that crosses 
the Seine to Notre Dame is where I spent a
lovely hour enjoying the warm sun 
and this most famous cathedral.
The Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge and one of my favorites.  It's lovely to sit on the stone benches in the curves of the bridge with a special person in your life.

Or the bridge where lovers attach a padlock 
to the railings with their names in permanent ink 
written on the lock.  I did that on this trip.  It is a way 
of leaving a little piece of yourself in Paris 
for posterity.  Tony and I had to go back 
the next day to see if we could remember 
where we put our lock.
One of the best ways to see the bridges is to ride the 
Bateau Mouche down the Seine.  It's a wonderful 
way to get to know the bridges up close and personal. 
 The boats run all day and late into the night and 
it's a great perspective on Paris
during the day or at night.

Photos by Meg Mitchell.

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