DIY Christmas Ideas

The time is fast approaching and the holiday season is just starting to creep into my psyche.  I've been madly 
looking at other's blogs and Pinterest for ideas 
that even I may be capable of pulling together.  

I always love the rustic simple branch with hand made ornaments and little white lights.
Or the wreath made out of small pine cones hanging over a mantle or on a distressed old door like it was featured
 in House and Home Magazine.
This is brilliant.  I could never grow tomatoes on my
 tomato plant cages but I could wrap white lights 
around the frame and add some pine greenery.  
It would be beautiful for the rest of the winter 
so the spirit of the holidays will remain 
for several months.
I used pomegranates as a table decoration this past 
weekend for American Thanksgiving and they 
would be absolutely lovely on a fireplace mantle 
as in the picture above.   A lovely big hit of red.
This idea is brilliant for a Christmas dinner.  The wreath 
uses rosemary sprigs with olives and what looks like to be small cherry tomatoes.  Or, it could surround a dish 
on a buffet table.

All photos taken from Pinterest.

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