Ralph Lauren In Paris

Every time I go to Paris, I always stop by the Ralph Lauren mansion on St Germain des Pres just to see what is new for the season.  It's a beautifully renovated "grand home into store"  and I love how the rooms are set up so that you feel like you have dropped in to Ralph's own maison with some pretty spectacular 
models just hanging around.
Don't you have models standing around on all your 
French Country furniture?
Or leaning against your priceless Chinese urn?  
Careful Manon.
I'm sure that this display case has been there during my 
last 4 visits but this was the first time I noticed it.  
Just too much to see I guess.  This display is 
vintage Ralph Lauren.  
Would love to have the mannequin head ... 
wouldn't you?
She's always here in this same place overlooking 
the courtyard of the mansion.  In the summer, 
you would find a great Lauren restaurant 
that specializes in yummy hamburgers.
You can take the lovely vintage wrought iron elevator 
or the creamy marble steps and have a peek 
at the fun art along the staircase.
Which one is the customer?  That's easy!
The Ralph Lauren window is a wonderful reflection 
on the St Germain des Pres.
If you get to Paris, you must stop by 
and see Paris Ralph Lauren style.

All photos taken by Meg Mitchell

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