To Move Or Not To Move

For the past five days, I have been completing some of the home decorating tasks so that I could put my house on the market and move back to the city. I have had painters finishing rooms and floors being repaired while I have been decluttering my home from all the "stuff" I have been collecting for over 20 years.

The declutter specialists say there is two types of clutter in a home:
Memory clutter and Lazy clutter.
Memory clutter .... all my son's toys and books.
Lazy clutter ... all my purchases at yard sales, Goodwills, etc. that were going to inspire me to greater creativity but were stashed in a closet or drawer waiting for my return.

A typical comment heard from my rosy red lips as I was disposing of my life was
"What was I thinking?"
All my lazy clutter was stashed back into bags so that I could return it to Goodwill and hopefully another enterprising dreamer will purchase them and then, put them in her closet or drawer. Recycling in it's finest hour.

I decided to postpone my plans of selling my home until the Spring. After I painted my front door a glossy black and purchased gargantuan yellow mums on sale to give my house a hit of Fall color and street appeal, I decided that maybe I wasn't quite ready to leave my little country home. It appealed to me. And besides, maybe, a last winter and a Christmas would be needed in order to say goodbye properly. Winter is important to my hibernating psyche because I love sitting by my fireplace painting all my pillows for my Etsy customers. Hordes of real estate agents walking through my home, however, doesn't seem warm and cozy to me.

I am a City Girl but the city will have to wait until Spring.

Now that's the time for a new beginning.

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