A Home Decor Change Addict

Boredom ... time on my hands ... what will I do this weekend? I can feel it approaching ... time to change the furniture around in another room again. This weekend ... my upstairs bedroom.

I just had it completely repainted with a wonderful flat white paint which is a miracle in a can because it hides all the blemishes, and uneven wall surfaces while giving the room a more professional finish. My home is approximately 200 years old, so it does have the quirkiness of an older era, somewhat like myself. Maybe those geishas had the right idea when they painted their faces white. Hmmmmmm

All the furniture in this room was picked up at yard sales, Goodwill or picker's auctions. The dresser was bought for $35.00 and was a horrible brown. All the flower pictures were bought at antique stores and garage sales and I love the softness of their colors. Since this was my "girlie" room, I wanted a more shabby chic flavor.
Every year around Christmas, our local Goodwill Shop brings out the fancy dresses for New Year's Eve and I found this 60's tulle prom dress with a pearl encrusted bodice and just had to have it. No ... it does not fit me but I thought it would be fun to hang on the wall.

Next to the dress is an old throne chair I found at a yard sale for $25.00. It needs a soft back and I'll get to that soon but I thought it was imperative that every Queen Bee needs an appropriate chair. The little table was hand painted during another moment of boredom. I might soften the colors a bit with a layer of white paint.

I've always dreamed of a bed in an alcove and was playing around with the concept. I put cup hooks into the ceiling and hung a lacy curtain but I think a little heavier fabric for winter might give a more cozy feeling. This is still a work in progress.

In the first picture, you will see a mantle that is a plaster cast of a period fireplace. Because we have a wonderful theatre company in our town, every couple of years, the company puts all their props and costumes, etc. on sale or auction and you can find some wonderfully unique furniture or props for your home. I was lucky to get this mantle and it just fit perfectly in between my closet doors. As you can see above, the detail of the pretty flowers at the top is just wonderful and one of my all time favorite pieces of furniture in my home.

This is a view of the connecting bath which I tried to give a country feel. The vanity is an old dresser with a mirror and a more modern sink on the top. I put bead board around the tub and added funky old mirrors to give it a hit of sparkle. We girls like a little glitter and the candles at night in front of the mirrors give a warm glow. Hanging over the tub, which hasn't been replaced since the repainting, is an old chandelier for candles. A warm tub, a glass of wine and you get the idea I was going for .... The two old paintings above the toilet were bought at an auction .... they look French to me.

I love to change rooms around. It is like moving into a new house. My son was not wild about it when he was growing up. He thinks it's fun now but then ... he's not home anymore.
Do you think that might be a male reaction?

Some people like to change their furnishings for Fall and Spring. Others find an arrangement they like and stick with it. And then there are those like myself ... change is a constant.

How about you? Which would be your type?

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