Slip Into These ... Please

Senator Al Franken said
"It's easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world."

After a long day in your high heels, there is nothing quite like putting on your slippers when you get home and feeling the immediate relief in your entire body. For years, we have seen the pictures of the dutiful wife or man's best friend, his dog, bringing the male breadwinner his slippers as soon as he crossed the threshold.
Now it's our turn.
But we don't need anybody to bring us our slippers (and it probably won't happen) ......
we can wear our slippers anywhere.

These "closet obsessions", as Nina Garcia calls them, are Stubbs & Wootton slippers. These divine hand made slippers are not only comfortable but come in numerous delectable designs.

The slippers come in leopard, and fun needlepoint designs with crabs, skull and crossbones and gorgeous flowers to name just a few. They are made of the finest fabrics like beautiful soft leather, Egyptian cotton, French brocade and Belgian needlepoint.
Ohhhhhh .. doesn't that sound heavenly?
At first I wasn't sure about the concept of wearing your slippers outside but I didn't know about Stubbs & Wootton. I really like the way they look with jeans.
You and your fellow can have matching slippers ... okay, okay .... that's pushing it!!
The slippers are a little pricey but I know other shoe manufacturers will be coming out with their version of the "stylish clouds for your feet"
and you will be able to enjoy this new trend at a lower price point.

Keep your pink marabou slippers for those sexy evenings at home
but enjoy your Stubbs & Wootten when you want
a trendy good looking pamper for your tootsies.

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